Character Creation - POC first Character


This quotation concerns the creation of an original 3D character with the following terms:

Concept Art: From your 2D concept

Modeling: Head-Body-Hair

Textures: Cartoon ; Handpainting

Rig: Body Rig = Complete (IK/FK, follow, pre-anim)

       Head Rig = Talking Avatar

Wrinkle Maps = No Wrinkle Maps

Delivery format: Maya 

Support: 1 year within the 1st delivery date.

You can expect a delay of at least 2 weeks of work for the delivery of a complete character.



Security: data is accessible to the customer only, files are automatically erased once processed.


Quality: all orders are manually checked before and after processing to ensure the best quality.


Performance: support is provided for 3 months free of charge so that each order is fully functional.

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