Character Creator - Savannah College of Art and Design

This service is divided into two TIERs as defined by the two quotations delivered previously to Matthew Akers.

Pricing details are available in these quotations.


TIER 01 contains:

. Creation of a single mesh body (dressed with the already existing clothes)

. Creation of the hair mesh according to the concept art and the discussion we had with Matthew Akers

. Rig in UE5 (compatible UEFN) with IK system

. Motion Capture Avatar for the head (ARKit 52 morph targets)

TIER 02 contains:

. Creation of the entire body (undressed), keeping the meshes separated.

. Improve the modeling and texturing

. Generation of Normal maps

. Complete animation rig setup with IK rig


Delivery of a Maya scene .mb // an FBX file ready to import in UE // an Unreal Engine 5.2 project // Textures maps // license for all the assets delivered

The delivery date would be two weeks from the beginning of our work (10 open days), assuming we will start the work on Monday 11th, September, it sets the delivery for the 

Friday 22nd, September.

Both TIERs will be produced in continuity but the delivery can be split to give you the assets as soon as they are ready and not all of them at the end.

The final delivery will contain all of the assets even if some of them would have been delivered previously.

The character creator service includes 6 months of support free of charge for any technical issue, aesthetic retake, or mistake.



Security: data is accessible to the customer only, files are automatically erased once processed.


Quality: all orders are manually checked before and after processing to ensure the best quality.


Performance: support is provided for 3 months free of charge so that each order is fully functional.

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