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    3D Character Creation

    High Quality Custom 3D Character

    Speed up your 3D production pipeline by receiving a professional grade 3D character, ready to be integrated for your specific use-cases. Based on your requirements from the form below, Polywink models, textures and rigs the custom 3D character you need.

    Designed By Yourself Or By Polywink

    We create your stylized 3D character based on your character sheet, whether it’s 2D, 3D concept arts or a description.

    Do you want your 3D character to be designed by professional artists? Polywink can do that for you!

    Adaptable 3D Model Creation Service

    We adapt our 3D character creation service to your needs, from simple 3D modeling, to texturing, grooming and rigging, whether for a 3D head or a full body with clothes. We provide the 3D model with optimized UVs and topology and 4K maps for PBR materials.

    In short: the customer is king.

    How Does It Work?

    • Send us your specifications through the form down below

    • We review your request and get back to you with a quote

    • We deliver the final files to you and you have 3 revisions free of charge



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    3D Scan On Demand


    3D Scanning Made Easy

    Looking to enhance your post-production, VFX, or video game projects with top-tier 3D scanning? Based in the heart of Paris, France, we offer a fast and accurate 3D scanning solution for detailed heads or full bodies. Our technology delivers HD geometry and PBR textures, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of creative productions.

    Need to book session on set outside our Paris' studios? Make a custom demand and we'll get back to you.

    HD Geometry & PBR Textures

    Experience unparalleled levels of detail and realism with HD Geometry and PBR Textures. Our technologies based on photogrammetry, photometry and structured light capture every nuance, ensuring your 3D models shine in any production.

    Deliverable: Quality Beyond Expectations

    We offer two options: the raw data model or a model with topology cleaned by our team of expert 3D artists. Additionally, we provide you with all the PBR textures you need, including diffuse, specular, roughness, displacement, and normal maps. The model is delivered as a FBX file. Our goal is to equip you with professional grade assets.

    How Does It Work

    • Place an order for each person you wish to scan.
    • Once your order is confirmed, please refer to your order reference and book a session by clicking on this link.
    • Visit our studios in Paris, France, and let's capture!
    • We'll send you all the data you need.

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    AI Face Replacement On Demand


    Welcome to the future of visual storytelling with our AI Face Replacement On Demand service. Harness the potential of cutting-edge deepfake technology to breathe life into your creative projects like never before.

    Elevate Storytelling with Deepfake

    Exact Expressiveness

    Experience unparalleled precision in capturing the nuanced expressions of your subjects, ensuring a seamless match with the impersonator's performance.


    Our technology ensures that the replaced face seamlessly blends into the scene, responding accurately to all lighting, action, and occlusion conditions for unparalleled photorealism.

    Rejuvenate or Bring Back to Life

    Whether you're looking to rejuvenate living individuals or resurrect the past, our service offers limitless possibilities.

    Flexible Delivery

    Choose between receiving the replaced face ready for your team to composite or opt for our team of experts to deliver the fully composited video.

    Seamless Integration, Unmatched Results

    • Provide Us with Your Video: Start by supplying us with the video in which you want to replace the face. Ensure you have the necessary rights to all materials used.

    • Database Requirements: To achieve the best results, furnish us with a database of over 10,000 photos of the person you wish to replace. For a top-tier dataset, consider booking a scanning session in our state-of-the-art studios with our dedicated service.

    Disclaimer: Polywink disclaims any responsibility for the fraudulent use of this service. It is imperative that you possess all the necessary rights to use the materials provided.

    All displayed prices are the animation cost per minute.

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    Digital Double On Demand


    We offer meticulously crafted 3D models, faithfully replicating the original subject's appearance. Our digital doubles are ready for rigging and integration into popular 3D software like Maya and Unreal Engine, ensuring seamless integration.

    Key Features

    HD Geometry & Professional Textures

    Our models come with high-definition geometry and professional textures, ensuring exceptional visual fidelity. 

    A-Pose Convenience

    Receive your digital double in a versatile A-pose, primed for rigging, customization and animation.

    Preserving Identity

    Our expertise in maintaining the subject's identity, both in appearance and expressiveness, makes us the top choice for movies, video games, communication, and more.

    Optional Rigging Services

    Looking for a fully rigged digital double? Enhance your cart with one of our rigging services for a complete 3D character solution.

    Your Lifelike Digital Human

    By default, we work from your 3D scans. We can perform the capture ourselves if you add this service to your order.

    Provide Existing Scans

    If you already have 3D scans of your subject, simply submit them to us, and we'll transform them into an impressive digital double.

    Book a 3D Scanning Session

    If you don't have scans yet, no worries! Schedule a 3D scanning session with our 3D Scan On Demand service to ensure you receive the highest quality virtual human.

    Unlock the unparalleled realism and quality of our Digital Double On Demand service. Place your order today and bring your creative vision to life with precision and authenticity.