MetaHuman Rig: Your Own 3D Characters with Unreal Engine Integration
  • MetaHuman Rig: Your Own 3D Characters with Unreal Engine Integration
  • Any 3D character compatible with MetaHuman Animator

MetaHuman Rig

Unlock the full potential of your 3D characters in Unreal Engine with our groundbreaking MetaHuman Rig. Designed specifically for 3D artists and developers in the gaming, experience, metaverse and VFX industries, our service provides an easy-to-use control rig that seamlessly integrates with Unreal Engine and tools such as MetaHuman animator. With a focus on realism and simplicity, the MetaHuman Facial and Body Rig empowers you to bring your characters to life like never before.

Preserve Your Character's Unique Identity

Unlike tools that convert your characters into generic MetaHumans, Polywink's approach ensures that your character's individuality is preserved. Whether you've crafted a realistic character with unique UV and textures or you prefer the photorealistic offerings from Eisko, our MetaHuman Rig supports them all. This means you can retain the essence of your characters while benefiting from the advanced functionalities of MetaHuman's deformations.

Streamline Your Workflow with Powerful Features

Our MetaHuman Rig service comes equipped with an array of features designed to simplify your workflow and enhance your creative process. Take advantage of the Facial Board, IK/FK switch, Anim Picker, Foot Roll, Forward Solve, Backward Solve, Set up event, and compatibility with any Metahuman animation, including Mocap. Additionally, our service offers LiveLink for facial animation, ensuring seamless integration and real-time updates.

Compatibility and Refund Guarantee

At present, our MetaHuman rigging service is available exclusively for realistic characters, including your own creations, Eisko's photorealistic Virtual Humans or tools like Reallusion Character Creator models. Rest assured that when you place an order, our expert riggers will assess the compatibility of your 3D model. In the event that your model is deemed incompatible, we offer a full refund, ensuring a risk-free experience for our customers.

Option: Unreal Engine
Rig: Head

What does the MetaHuman rig service offer?

Our MetaHuman rig service brings your 3D model to life by providing a comprehensive rigging solution for both head and body. This ensures compatibility with Unreal Engine, various motion capture software such as MetaHuman animator and other plugins. When you purchase our MetaHuman rig service, you will receive your rigged character ready to be integrated. If your model already contains rigging (skin or blendShapes) we can’t assure you we will be able to keep it as we need to apply our own technology in order to connect the model to the meathuman setup.

What is the purpose of this service?

The purpose of our MetaHuman Rig service is to empower creators to utilize MetaHuman features with their own unique 3D models. Currently, the only available method to access MetaHuman features, such as MetaHuman Animator, is by creating a generic MetaHuman character. Our service breaks this limitation, allowing you to leverage the power of MetaHuman tools while preserving the individuality and uniqueness of your own custom models.

What are the requirements for using this service?

To ensure a smooth process, please adhere to the following requirements when proceeding with our MetaHuman rig service:

  • Your model MUST be realistic.
  • The model must be in a neutral pose with eyes open and mouth shut.
  • Your head model must have the following extra meshes : Head ; Teeth ; Saliva ; EyeLeft ; EyeRight ; EyeShell ; Eyelashes ; EyeEdge ; Cartilage

What happens after I upload my model?

Once you upload your model, it will be added to our queue for review. Our team will carefully assess it. As soon as your order reaches the front of the queue and our team approves the model, we will process it within 48 hours.

What kind of support do you provide?

We are committed to providing excellent support for our customers. We offer free support and retakes for three months after the delivery date of your order. If you have any questions or require assistance, our team is here to help you throughout the process.