A group of three heads with the text "Upload your 3D head model and get blendshapes" using Polywink's Blendshapes On Demand.
  • A group of three heads with the text "Upload your 3D head model and get blendshapes" using Polywink's Blendshapes On Demand.
  • A cartoon character created using Blendshapes On Demand by Polywink with blue eyes and brown hair.

Blendshapes On Demand

Automatic Facial Blendshapes for your 3D character

Blendshapes on Demand is a service that automatically generates a set of 157 FACS blendshapes for any 3D character. The shapes are perfectly adapted to your 3D model's topology and morphology, whether it’s a scanned head, a photorealistic human model, or a cartoonish character.

3D Facial Animation Made Easy

Polywink's set of blendshapes, delivered in FBX format, can be imported into any software for facial animation and modeling (Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush...) or any of the common game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine...).

To get a set of shapes for your own character, simply purchase this service, upload your 3D model and download the result! Receive a wide range of facial expressions in a couple of hours, saving weeks of work.

Free sample download

Want to try by yourself? Download Blendshapes Sample

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How do these automatically created blendshapes work?

What are blendshapes?

Blendshapes (known as blend shapes on Maya or morph targets on 3DS Max) are commonly used in 3D animation tools, though their name varies from one 3D software to another. They use the deformations of a 3D shape to show different expressions and visemes. These face deformations enable a smooth transition, for example, from a neutral pose to a smile, or from eyes open to eyes closed. However, if you want full control of your 3D head model, you may want to check out our Facial Rig on Demand, another Polywink service which automatically produces a full facial rig.

High quality, automatically generated blendshapes

Our FACS shapes are either directly issued from the analysis of scanned face expressions, or from the ARKit for the standard option. They cover the full spectrum of facial muscular deformations, visemes and emotions, and guarantee consistent geometric displacements without any skin sliding effects.

Facial animation for any 3D character

Blendshapes on Demand works for any type of 3D character, whether it’s a scanned head, a photorealistic human or a cartoonish character, regardless of the topology or morphology. Don't hesitate to download our sample to see an example of our results, or to contact us directly.

Shapes adapted to your own topology

The delivered face expressions are perfectly adapted to the specific topology and UV of your 3D head model. Blendshapes on Demand can thus be included directly into your character pipeline and won't require any further adjustments on your end.

Share high-quality 3D face animations with accurate face deformations

You can now easily share high-quality facial expressions between large numbers of 3D characters, allowing you to use a wide range of 3D face animations without any manual intervention!

How does Blendshapes on Demand work?

All you have to do is purchase this service and upload your 3D character - note that the indicated price is per model. You'll automatically get it back within 24 hours with the complete set of blend shapes, directly transferred onto your mesh and perfectly adapted to the morphology of your 3D model.

What do I get when I order a set of shapes?

The package contains 157 blendshapes across a wide range of facial expressions. The shapes are hooked to specific areas of the face to avoid unwanted movements and cover different types of facial deformations including eyebrow movements, mouth movements, cheek movements, visemes and emotional expressions.

What should I upload when ordering Blendshapes on Demand?

The BoD service asks for a 3D head model with a neutral pose (eyes open and mouth shut).
Eyes and inner mouth can be provided as reference to better adapt the facial deformations but these additional elements won't be derived in the blendshapes.
Models should come without hair features like eyelashes, eyebrows, or beard. Different geometries should not be combined in one mesh.
Please contact us beforehand if you want to upload a full body character.

Do you want to use your own blend shape set?

Polywink also allows you to get the Blendshapes you made for a source model transfered to a target model in addition of our generated Blendshapes. Your shapes will be perfectly adapted to your the topology and the morphology of your target model. Contact us directly if that is the case: contact@polywink.com

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Maya, Softimage, 3DSMax, ZBrush, Unreal, Unity, Mudbox...
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