Advanced Rig on Demand - 236 Blendshapes

Automatic Face Rigging

The Advanced Rig on Demand service automatically generates FACS-based facial rigging 236 blendshapes. It is adapted to specific topologies and morphologies of any 3D characters, whether these are scanned heads, photorealistic models or cartoonish characters.

Deliverable 3D Formats

Polywink offers three deliverable formats:

  • FBX file: compatible with most software like Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, and more
  • Maya scene: up to Maya 2022 with a Faceboard for Keyframe animation AND a FBX file
  • Unreal Engine 5 project: a LiveLink set-up working with the 236 blendShapes! And an animation faceboard in Unreal Engine 5


Want to try by yourself? Download Rig On-Demand sample

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  • FBX
  • Maya
  • Maya + FBX
  • Unreal Engine


Security: data is accessible to the customer only, files are automatically erased once processed.


Quality: all orders are manually checked before and after processing to ensure the best quality.


Performance: support is provided for 3 months free of charge so that each order is fully functional.

What does this service do? 

The Advanced BlendShapes on demand service gives you a large panel of emotion for your 3D model. This high advanced set of FACS blendShapes will allow you to create detailed facial expressions that can reach an ultra-realistic level. By purchasing the Advanced BlendShapes on demand service, you will get:

   • 236 blendShapes based on FACS

   • 4 joints and controllers for the neck

   • 4 joints to control the top jaw, the lower jaw, the left eye and the right eye

What is the purpose of this service? 

This service has a lot of applications in multiple domains. It can be used for advanced facial animation mainly for movie production or video games. Motion Capture or Keyframe animation. Real-time or Pre-calculated.

It is perfect for professionals!

What’s the difference between the three deliverables?

   • Delivery in MAYA scene contains a ready-to-use faceboard for your animator to control the blendShapes 

   • Delivery in MAYA scene + FBX contains a ready-to-use faceboard for your animator to control the blendShapes + an FBX format that allows you to use your rigged model in any 3D software.

   • Delivery in Unreal Engine project contains a ready-to-use faceboard for your animator to control the blendShapes 

What are the requirements?

When you proceed to checkout and upload your model, you need to respect the following criteria: 

   • We can process up to 200 000 polygons

   • Your 3D model must have a neutral pose (eyes open and mouth shut)

   • You must include your model’s eyeballs and inner mouth (teeth, gum, tongue) as additional elements

   • Model can be uploaded with full body, rig and skin

If you have any other additional features such as eyelashes, eyebrows, or beards, they should also be included.

After uploading your model, it is added to the queue and our team will check it. As soon as they approve it and your order is the 1st in the queue, it will be processed within 72 hours.

By default, we combine the different geometries in one single mesh to facilitate using the model in motion capture. If you would like to have the blendShapes for each geometry, we do that too, just let us know when you make your order!

Support and retakes are provided free of charge for 3 months after the delivery date.

Data sheet

Maya 2017 or later
Delivery Format
.FBX or .MB + .FBX for the "Maya" option or UE5 project (folder containing .uproject file)
Control Panel
2D in Maya / combined blenshapes in FBX
48h (when statut updated to "processing in progress")

Specific References



Sample of POLYWINK - Rig on Demand under CC NonCommercial NonDerivatives Attribution license

Download (72.94MB)