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    Motion Capture Avatar from...


    iPhone X ARKit Blendshapes - Animation from iPhone Motion Capture

    Animation for iPhone X is a service which automatically generates the 52 blendshapes needed to use the iPhone X as a powerful and accessible Motion Capture device, compliant with any mobile device's Face Tracking solutions (FaceLink in Unreal, Rokoko for Unity, FaceCap, Hyprface...).

    With the animation for iPhoneX, you can easily :

       • Create CGI and real-time 3D facial expressions and animations

       • Stream the performance of your Virtual Infuencer or Vtubers

       • Create amazing facial mask and lens effect in your AR applications with Lens Studio or Spark AR

    Easy performance capture with ARKit Face Tracking

    Animation for iPhone X is compatible with major 3D software and game engines - Maya, Unity & Unreal Engine. The animation data from the ARKit Face Tracking will drive the 52 blendshapes of your character with no additional rigging and modeling required. Mocap made easier!

    This service is available in 2 different delivery formats: FBX for general use and Maya. For more information about what comes with each package, please see down below.

    To automatically get the 52 ARKit blendshapes for any character, simply purchase this service, upload your 3D model and download the result within 24 hours (Time Frame "Priority")!

    Free sample

    Want to try by yourself? Download a free sample.

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    Advanced Rig on Demand -...


    Automatic Face Rigging

    The Advanced Rig on Demand service automatically generates FACS-based facial rigging 236 blendshapes. It is adapted to specific topologies and morphologies of any 3D characters, whether these are scanned heads, photorealistic models or cartoonish characters.

    Deliverable 3D Formats

    Polywink offers three deliverable formats:

    • FBX file: compatible with most software like Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, and more
    • Maya scene: up to Maya 2022 with a Faceboard for Keyframe animation AND a FBX file
    • Unreal Engine 5 project: a LiveLink set-up working with the 236 blendShapes! And an animation faceboard in Unreal Engine 5


    Want to try by yourself? Download Rig On-Demand sample

    Scroll down to read more on our facial animation services and technical details.
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    Blendshapes On Demand


    Automatic Facial Blendshapes for your 3D character

    Blendshapes on Demand is a service that automatically generates a set of 157 FACS blendshapes for any 3D character. The shapes are perfectly adapted to your 3D model's topology and morphology, whether it’s a scanned head, a photorealistic human model, or a cartoonish character.

    3D Facial Animation Made Easy

    Polywink's set of blendshapes, delivered in FBX format, can be imported into any software for facial animation and modeling (Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush...) or any of the common game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine...).

    To get a set of shapes for your own character, simply purchase this service, upload your 3D model and download the result! Receive a wide range of facial expressions in a couple of hours, saving weeks of work.

    Free sample download

    Want to try by yourself? Download Blendshapes Sample

    Scroll down to read more on our facial animation services and technical details.
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    Talking Avatar


    Are you looking for a way to give life to your avatar?

    Polywink's rigging expertise will enable you to control your character's facial expressions down to the smallest detail with a facial rig of 73 blendshapes and 4 additional joints.

    Power of Speech and Motion Capture

    The 73 blendshapes include 21 visemes to focus on the your character's lips' movement so as to improve its realism. Make your avatar sound and look natural by using audio-to-speech or text-to-speech solutions (such as Amazon Polly, Google TTS...) combined with a lip sync technology (like Oculus LipSync). 

    Deliverable 3D Formats

    Polywink offers three deliverable formats:

       • FBX file: compatible with most software like Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, and more 

       • Maya scene: receive a Maya scene up to Maya 2022 with a Faceboard for Keyframe animation AND an FBX file

       • Unreal Engine project: receive a LiveLink set-up including the Oculus Lip Sync plugin to use voice-to-speech! And an animation faceboard in Unreal Engine 5

    Free sample download

    Not sure yet? Download a free sample to get an idea of the Talking Avatar service below!

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    Your 3D custom order

    Address your specific production needs which are not covered by Polywink's standard services below!

    The Polywink Studio is our most flexible offer to date. Here is a short list of examples of what you can get with Studio:

       • Create a specific set of FACS blendshape expressions
       • Receive a full-body rig
       • Improve your 3D character realism thanks to a full facial rigging system with more blendshapes and controllers
       • Requesting your service in the format of your choice (for example; Unity or Unreal Engine scene)
       • Improve details and expressivity of your 3D head model with wrinkle maps

    How does it work?

       1. Describe your project requirements by filling out the form
       2. Your requirements are reviewed by our team and a specific service will be created for you
       3. Place your order to confirm the work, upload your available model
       4. Receive your customized deliverable on deadline, just like a regular product!

    Ask for a custom service 

    Click the button below to submit your requirements or project scenario. For further info regarding how to fill in the form, find an extended description and real use-cases examples for each element at the bottom of this page.



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    MetaHuman Rig


    Unlock the full potential of your 3D characters in Unreal Engine with our groundbreaking MetaHuman Rig. Designed specifically for 3D artists and developers in the gaming, experience, metaverse and VFX industries, our service provides an easy-to-use control rig that seamlessly integrates with Unreal Engine and tools such as MetaHuman animator. With a focus on realism and simplicity, the MetaHuman Facial and Body Rig empowers you to bring your characters to life like never before.

    Preserve Your Character's Unique Identity

    Unlike tools that convert your characters into generic MetaHumans, Polywink's approach ensures that your character's individuality is preserved. Whether you've crafted a realistic character with unique UV and textures or you prefer the photorealistic offerings from Eisko, our MetaHuman Rig supports them all. This means you can retain the essence of your characters while benefiting from the advanced functionalities of MetaHuman's deformations.

    Streamline Your Workflow with Powerful Features

    Our MetaHuman Rig service comes equipped with an array of features designed to simplify your workflow and enhance your creative process. Take advantage of the Facial Board, IK/FK switch, Anim Picker, Foot Roll, Forward Solve, Backward Solve, Set up event, and compatibility with any Metahuman animation, including Mocap. Additionally, our service offers LiveLink for facial animation, ensuring seamless integration and real-time updates.

    Compatibility and Refund Guarantee

    At present, our MetaHuman rigging service is available exclusively for realistic characters, including your own creations, Eisko's photorealistic Virtual Humans or tools like Reallusion Character Creator models. Rest assured that when you place an order, our expert riggers will assess the compatibility of your 3D model. In the event that your model is deemed incompatible, we offer a full refund, ensuring a risk-free experience for our customers.

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    Custom Order - 3D Consulting


    You spend an hour with one of our 3D Riggers in order to help you set up your project or solve a technical problem.

    Depending on the information you gave us, we will study your case before the meeting in order to be precise and efficient.

    We can't promise to solve your problem during the hour but we will help you to the best of our knowledge.

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    Custom Order - Debug upload...

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    Custom Order - Animation...


    Retargeting Regarding the order JKFXKSHJQ

    This order includes:

    Retargeting and importation of 18 animation clips in an Unreal scene 5.3

    Pricing Detail:

    This price applies to the 18 clips previously sent, any extra clip may cost an extra fee

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    Custom Order - Pipeline...


    Development of a complete pipeline for facial animation from the recording through Live Link to the retargeting on the final mesh.

    This service includes the following content:

    • An Unreal Engine project set up and ready to use for Live Link ("LiveLinkBaseFace")
    • An .FBX file "FinalMesh" corresponding to the Rokoko face with the good topology and animation setup
    • A script "Pw_FacialRetargeting" that contains a UI and several functions - (animBake // FinalAnimCorrect // generateAnim)

    AnimBake = transfer the animation from the .FBX generated in Unreal Engine to the "FinalMesh" in Maya

    FinalAnimCorrect = Give smoothness to the facial animation, add the Blinks and the neck rotations

    generateAnim = generate random animation on the selected controllers

    • A documentation step-by-step on how to use all the previous files. 
    • A tutorial for the Live Link on Unreal Engine
    • Licenses for the .FBX files, the Unreal Engine projects, the scripts, and the documentation.

    This custom order includes the hours of meeting with the client during the production of his pipeline.

    It also includes the support until he is able to use the entire pipeline on his own.

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    Custom Order - MetaHuman...


    Details of the service:

    This order is specially made as an extension of the order OQOFBLJPX 

    An Unreal Project 5.2:

    - Metahuman Facial Rig 

    - Metahuman Body Rig

    As an extension of the order OQOFBLJPX:

    - Separation of the head and the body

    - Correction of the fingers if needed


    Project Unreal Engine 5.2 

    Note from Polywink 

    You will receive your order within 5 days (open-days) once the status is changed to "processing in process" (you will warned by email if this deadline needs to be changed)

    The support of this service is 3 months after the delivery date and is included in the price.

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    Character Creator -...


    This service is divided into two TIERs as defined by the two quotations delivered previously to Matthew Akers.

    Pricing details are available in these quotations.


    TIER 01 contains:

    . Creation of a single mesh body (dressed with the already existing clothes)

    . Creation of the hair mesh according to the concept art and the discussion we had with Matthew Akers

    . Rig in UE5 (compatible UEFN) with IK system

    . Motion Capture Avatar for the head (ARKit 52 morph targets)

    TIER 02 contains:

    . Creation of the entire body (undressed), keeping the meshes separated.

    . Improve the modeling and texturing

    . Generation of Normal maps

    . Complete animation rig setup with IK rig


    Delivery of a Maya scene .mb // an FBX file ready to import in UE // an Unreal Engine 5.2 project // Textures maps // license for all the assets delivered

    The delivery date would be two weeks from the beginning of our work (10 open days), assuming we will start the work on Monday 11th, September, it sets the delivery for the 

    Friday 22nd, September.

    Both TIERs will be produced in continuity but the delivery can be split to give you the assets as soon as they are ready and not all of them at the end.

    The final delivery will contain all of the assets even if some of them would have been delivered previously.

    The character creator service includes 6 months of support free of charge for any technical issue, aesthetic retake, or mistake.